Monkey See Monkey Do: Bush sets a dangerous precedent for world peace

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Washington Post:

Asserting the same right of preemptive war that the United States used to justify its invasion of Iraq, Indian officials have accused Washington of failing to end Pakistan’s support for guerrillas in Indian-controlled areas of Kashmir and warned that India may be forced to take limited military action against its nuclear-armed neighbor.

Guardian UK:

Indonesia threatened yesterday to resume full combat operations in the province of Aceh, as new clashes between troops and rebels killed four people, putting yet more strain on a shaky peace agreement.

And Barbara Ehrenreich in Alternet:

In other words, as the Dutch social scientist Henk Houweling puts it, one of the causes of war is war itself.” Wars produce war-like societies, which, in turn, make the world more dangerous for other societies, which are thus recruited into being war-prone themselves. Just as there is no gene for war, neither is there a single type or feature of society — patriarchy or hierarchy — that generates it. War begets war and shapes human societies as it does so.