Online news making a profit (for some)

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This was posted in Slashdot:

The Asia Times reports that after years of losing money, online newspapers are starting to pay off . The New York Times has gone from losing $7.5M on their site in 2001 to an $8M profit in 2002. The new profitability is attributed to changes in the technology for delivering ads which make it possible to embed advertising in news stories and tie the ads to articles related to reader’s interests without resorting to pop-ups and banners. As print newspaper readers age and die, no new readers are replacing them and one survey found that 46 percent of all journalists believe that within 15 years their publication will only be available online.”

I’m glad the NY Times is making money from ads. Personally, I use Privoxy to filter out all internet advertising and pop-up windows.

While I’m at it, I just wanted to let people who use RSS newsreaders know that you can now get RSS feeds of the New York Times, and the Washington Post if you sign up with (ironically, signing up is not free — but they do have a 30 day free trial).