GOP fights campaign finance laws — helping Democrats

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This is what I thought — although this Daily Kos article is the first I’ve seen confirming that the impact of last Friday’s judgment is actually beneficial to democrats. Probably a case of if you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours, and nobody has to fear any real change to the system”…

In one of those inexplicable political ironies, the law is being fought by Republicans, even though it hurts Democrats the most. The two judges who struck down the law were GOP appointed, the dissenter was Democratic appointed.

While Democrats had achieved parity with Republicans in soft money donations, the Republicans have a huge advantage in limited hard-money donations. The court’s ruling allows the parties to immediately start collecting soft money donations again, though the law’s sponsors will ask the court for a stay until the Supreme Court can make the final ruling on the case.

So while this is being portrayed as a victory for the GOP, in practice, it’s a victory for Democrats. Go figure.