government documents and information about Iraq

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The City College of New York Libraries has
updated our online bibliography of primary
government documents and information about Iraq
and I hope you will find it useful.

The page can be found at:

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An additional 25 pages have been added (the whole<br /> site now prints out to 56 pages) and there are<br /> lots of new topics as well as updates to existing<br /> subjects.

Topics now include Agriculture & Forestry, Captured<br /> Iraqi Documents, CENTCOM Briefings, Coalition of<br /> the Willing, Congressional Research Service Reports,<br /> Congressional Resolutions and Legislation, Crisis<br /> in Iraq 2003, Demographics, Economics & Finance,<br /> Embedding Journalists, Energy Resources, General<br /> Background, Geneva Conventions and Protocols, Gulf<br /> War 1990-1991, Halabja, Health, Health &#8211; Gulf War<br /> 1990-1991, History, Human Rights, Human Shields,<br /> Inspections, Iran-Iraq War 1980-1988, Leaflets,<br /> Legal Resources, Maps, Marine & Maritime, No-Fly<br /> Zones, POWs & MIAs, Presidential Communications,<br /> Reconstruction, Refugees & Displaced Persons,<br /> Religious Freedom, Saddam Hussein, Sanctions and<br /> the Oil-for-Food Programme, U.S. Policy Towards<br /> Iraq, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Who&#8217;s Who &#8211; Iraq<br /> War 2003 and Women. </blockquote> 

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