Taiwan SARS Update

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SARS cases surge in Taiwan.

Taiwan reported 23 new cases and four deaths today, bringing the island’s 207 infections ahead of Singapore’s 205 cases. A total of 24 people have died from the disease in Taiwan.

Taiwan is also planning to install Big-Brother monitoring systems in the homes of quarantined SARS patients:

The Ministry of the Interior unveiled a plan yesterday to place videoconferencing systems in the homes of people under SARS quarantine in order to have them closely monitored.

…”There are still the questions of who is going to install the system inside these homes and how it is going to be installed,” Ma said.

That same article suggests that most of the cases are in the Wanhua district, which is (of course) one of the poorest areas of Taipei.

But there is some good news — it seems that the world’s leading expert on coronavirus research is at Academia Sinica in Taipei. Most of his research has been on birds — where the disease has mostly been found up till now.