Salam Pax is real!

Old Blog Import

Not only is he writing for the Guardian, but he worked as an interpreter during the war. This article is a fun read for Salam Pax fans:

Salam Pax” was the nom de blog of someone, apparently an Iraqi, who was writing from Baghdad before, during, and after the American invasion. His lively and acerbic blog was far better than the stuff pumped out by the army of foreign correspondents in the country. It became so popular that servers hosting it were overwhelmed. The vitality and fearlessness of Salam Pax’s writing, as well as the mystery of who he was — Iraqi? CIA? Mukhabarat? Jayson Blair? — led to stories by CNN, The New Yorker, and the Village Voice, among others, as well as a virtual felled forest of postings on war blogs and other sites: Instapundit mentioned him on two dozen occasions. Salam Pax was the Anne Frank of the war — I borrow that phrase from Nick Denton — and its Elvis.