Fox News — really more “balanced”?

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It seems that there is some credence to Fox News’ claims to deliver balanced reporting. Even though they were more overtly pro-war than any other network news outlet, FAIR has a report which shows they also had more anti-war guests than either PBS or CBC!!!

Though Fox News Channel frequently engaged in overt cheerleading for the war and is on record as considering itself a pro-war news outlet (Baltimore Sun, 4/2/03), Fox’s Special Report with Brit Hume had fewer U.S. officials than CBS (70 percent) and more U.S. anti-war guests (3 percent) than PBS or CBS. Eighty-one percent of Fox’s sources were pro-war, however, the highest of any network.

Of course, the problem with such statistics is that they don’t show the time or environment under which those views were aired. It doesn’t much count if you bring on anti-war voices just to make fun of them, or tell them to shut up” (as O’Reilly does regularly).