SARS art in Taiwan

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This is an English language letter by the author of a powerful on-line comic strip about SARS in Taiwan. In the letter he explains all of the cultural references and the plot of the comics, which are also presented here. It is well worth a look!

Liu the Beast often revenge to his foes with giving them one bottle of oil and one match, that means he would like to burn them to death. After the SARS spreading in Taiwan. the goverment in Tawian planed to participate the World Health Organization in oder to obtain the international help. This plan was spoiled by the People Republic of China goverment, the PRC considers that Taiwan is a province but not a independent country because of the historical context. The work velow shows that the PRC forbids the minister of health of the Taiwan goverment Chien Jen Zen to present in the WHO, just like giving people in Taiwan one bottle of oil and one match’ and burn them to death, like Liu that Beast did.

Here is the author’s Chinese-language blog.

All this is from the SARS Digital Folk Art project…