Info Tech

Those of you who used to read my old blog have probably noticed that things are a little spiffier since I switched to my new site. Part of the reason is the wonderful free software I use, Movable Type. But for those of you who want your own blog without having to go through the trouble of registering a domain, finding a web host, and installing your own software to run the whole thing … there is good news! The makers of Movable Type have launched a new web service where anyone can sign up and get their own blog. It is called

There are three levels of service, but even the most basic one comes with most of what you’d want for less than $5 a month.

Why am I posting what is basically an advertisement? Mostly because I think everyone should have their own blog. But also because so many people use poorly written software that makes their blogs hard to read. Some don’t have individual permanent links to each of their entries, some are impossible to comment on, and what’s worse, many don’t even have a proper RSS feed!

But now you can see the difference. Take a look at Body and Soul’s new TypePad site, it is a major improvement over her old one. Like many blogs, the old one was run using Blogger. Blogger helped start the blogging revolution, but it just hasn’t kept up with the times …

The folks at TypePad seem to have done a good job of making it easy to use for the total beginner, as well as packing lots of features in that more advanced users can make use of. If you’ve been reading my blog and thought of having your own, or you are using some software that never works right — give TypePad a try!