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Access to water is a fundamental human right. The Israelis are depriving the Palestinians of that right.

In spring 2003, CESR, in collaboration with local Palestinian NGOs, including the Palestinian Environmental NGO Network (PENGON) and the Palestinian Hydrology Group (PHG), conducted a project to document violations of Palestinians’ human right to water. From the construction of the wall of separation in the northern West Bank (separating whole towns and villages from their land and water), to the destruction of drinking water wells in Gaza, to Israel’s refusal to provide water services to unrecognized villages in the Negev, CESR found widespread and severe human rights violations. CESR presented this information in a report to the UN Committee on ESCR, which after reviewing the findings, urged Israel to take immediate steps to ensure equitable access to and distribution of water to all populations living in the occupied territories, and in particular to ensure that all parties concerned participate fully and equally in the process of water management, extraction and distribution.”

Here are some of the findings reported in CESRs fact sheet:

Here is a link to the Palestine Water for Life Campaign.