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It seems that Krugman misses the Reagan years:

Actually, I miss Reagan. I never thought I’d say that, but….

Reagan lied a little bit, and his policies were often crazy, but they wouldn’t do 2 -1 = 4. They’d say, if we have our tax cut we’ll have this wonderful supply side thing and the economy will boom and it will pay for itself, which was a crazy theory, but it wasn’t a blatant lie about the actual content of the policy.

Bush says, I’ve got a tax cut that’s aimed at working people, ordinary working people, and then you just take a look at it and discover that most of it’s coming from elimination of the estate tax and a cut in the top bracket, so it’s heavily tilted toward just a handful of people at the top. It’s just a flat lie about what the tax cut is.

So this is different, this is really more extreme. We’re not talking about disagreements about policy at this point, we’re talking about people who insist that things that are flatly not true are true, that black is white, up is down.

This is from Calpudit’s interview with Paul Krugman. It is this week’s must-read blog article, with some very depressing thoughts on the future of the economy. Will the US be the next Argentina? Krugman thinks it isn’t impossible — especially if the Republican’s stay in power.

UPDATE: I forgot about this Buzzflash interview.