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We got a free” Lexmark printer with the purchase of one of our computers. Don’t ever fall for such a trick. It is like giving crack out for free. The printer is free, but they they screw you with the cost of ink cartridges. Now they’ve even won a court case allowing them to prevent third party companies from refilling their ink cartridges. This is really pushing copyright law too far. The more rulings like this come out the more I agree with those who want to eliminate copyright altogether! The only solution is to use some do-it-yourself refill kits, which we’ve been using successfully. (You can get these at and other such places.)

In related news: Remember when Madonna attempted to stifle online sharing of her new album by releasing decoy” tracks? They had a short message from Madonna:

What the f*** do you think you’re doing?”

Well, Madonna’s latest music video seems to be an unlicensed ripoff of another artists work. As this site makes very clear. Seems like someone should send a special message to Madonna…