With the election in California tomorrow this story needs to be distributed as widely as possible:

It turns out that Schwarzenegger knowingly joined the hush-hush encounter [with Enron exec. Ken Lay] as part of a campaign to sabotage a Davis-Bustamante plan to make Enron and other power pirates then ravaging California pay back the $9 billion in illicit profits they carried off.

Here’s the story Arnold doesn’t want you to hear.  The biggest single threat to Ken Lay and the electricity lords is a private lawsuit filed last year under California’s unique Civil Code provision 17200, the “Unfair Business Practices Act.”  This litigation, heading to trial now in Los Angeles, would make the power companies return the $9 billion they filched from California electricity and gas customers.

It takes real cojones to bring such a suit.  Who’s the plaintiff taking on the bad guys?  Cruz Bustamante, Lieutenant Governor and reluctant leading candidate against Schwarzenegger.

Body and Soul is doing a great job covering Arnold, just look at all of the posts she’s had over the last week or so…