Remember how Rumsfeld said we wouldn’t need a large number of troops to take Iraq, but didn’t seem to take into account how many troops we’d need to hold on to Iraq afterwards? Well, it seems Rummy actually was looking for more troops all the time …. in Canada!

A Canadian Defense Ministries report said the U.S. claimed that under the 1794 Jay Treaty it had the right to recruit Canadian native inhabitants for its military because aboriginal Canadians held dual U.S.-Canadian citizenship.

The Canadian government politely sent a letter telling the U.S. that they were not welcome to recruit soldiers on their side of the border.

This story lends tremendous support to Buzzflash’s claims that Bush intends to reinstate the draft if he gets reelected.

Only a fool in college would believe that a Bush election in 2004 won’t be followed by a draft in 2005.

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