Earlier I discussed the rampant misuse of the term Anti-Semite”. But Daniel Levitas points to some really disturbing trends within the United States, that have nothing to do with Israeli attitudes towards the Palestinians:

According to the latest and most comprehensive surveys, fully 17 percent of adult Americans are strongly anti-Semitic.” These 35 million people don’t disagree with Israeli policies toward Palestinians, or think that Jews control the media. In order to be considered anti-Semitic according to this research, you have to agree with a whopping six or more anti-Jewish stereotypes like: Jews have too much power,” Jews don’t care what happens to anyone but their own kind,” Jews always like to be at the head of things,” and more.

Anti-Semitism has been steadily declining since the end of World War II, but this 17 percent figure is the first recorded increase since social scientists first began asking these questions 40 years ago. That’s disturbing. Even worse, people 35 and younger appear to be more anti-Semitic than preceding generations. Other polls have reliably found that a shocking 65 million Americans still believe that Jews killed Christ, 58 million believe that Jews control Wall Street, 48 million think that Jews control the media and 24 percent of those 55 years and older blame Jewish executives in Hollywood” for sex and immorality in our popular culture.” That’s anti-Semitism. But just because more people are feeling increasingly uncomfortable with Jews doesn’t mean they’re friendlier toward Arabs or Muslims, or vice-versa.

Unfortunately, as long as Jews cry Wolf!” at every attack on Israel’s policies, it is very hard to get people to take this issue seriously.