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I’ve been following stories about outsourcing to India, and while this one from Wired magazine is one of the least insightful I’ve read, it did have one interesting tidbit, suggesting that outsourcing IT jobs wasn’t about a race to the bottom:

Ritesh Maniar reminds me that Hexaware has scored a Level 5 rating from Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering Institute, the highest international standard a software company can achieve. The others are quick to note that, of the 70 or so companies in the world that have earned this designation, half are from India. Over several days, here and at other companies, I hear this factoid repeated like a campaign talking point.

Translation: We’re not just cheaper, we’re better.

And that, they say, is good for everyone. Maniar, a senior technical architect, describes one American client: We helped them become process-oriented, which they were not before. They were spending again and again on the same thing. We explained the process that we follow, because we would like to bring them up to our standards.”

(Emphasis added.)