This is the stupidest, most idiotic, thing I have read in a long time. And this isn’t the only place I have seen such remarks on the web. While it is not unlikely to assume that al Qaeda might attack the U.S. at some point close to the November elections, it is stupid to assume that this will hurt Bush. Look at history, look at 9-11, look at Israel.

When under attack voters don’t suddenly realize that their leader’s national security policies have been ineffective — quite the opposite. They rally around the leadership — especially if that leadership has fascist leanings. Sure, if the press were to actually report the story as a failing of the Bush leadership, there might be some hope — but what are the chances of that happening? No, there will be more flag waiving, more tough talk, less civil rights, and four more years of Bush.

An equally depressing scenario is that they capture Bin Laden right before the election. This will also help Bush, but unfortunately it won’t do anything to stop al Qaeda, which seems to be organized in such a way so that it isn’t dependent upon a single chain of command.

I firmly believe that Bush’s foreign policies have made the world a more dangerous place than it was before, but I believe just as strongly that this doesn’t matter unless the Democrats are able to find a way to successfully convey this message to the American people. Another attack will make it harder, rather than easier, to express such a message. As with 9-11, detractors will be labeled as traitors. I just hope that nothing happens to make me say I told you so.”

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