David Neiwert asks why the Ricin attack didn’t put us on Code Red”?

The real problem, of course, is that for the Bush administration, it isn’t real terrorism unless it’s committed by brown-skinned foreigners. This isn’t simply a blind spot. It goes beyond even the underlying silliness of the whole Code Alert” system. Ultimately, it is a problem directly related to the basic hollowness of our so-called war on terror” — which is not a serious attempt to combat terrorism, but is instead, simply, a political marketing campaign at its core. A very, very costly one.

And while your checking out Neiwert’s blog, be sure to read his post on what we can expect from Bush’s independent investigation” into the intelligence failures” that overstated the WMD threat in Iraq:

Of all the people likely to produce a fair and thorough investigation of the WMD matter, Silberman should be last on anyone’s list. That he is now heading up this supposed probe tells us all we need to know in advance about its quality.

He has a followup post here. And more on Silberman here.