The Economy

I almost feel that the NY Public Library system deserves to get its budget cut — they have done such a poor job of using the internet to mobilize grass roots support. March 16th is Library Lobby Day in Albany” and many branch libraries are individually organizing busses to bring people to demand that legislators restore some of the millions of dollars which have been cut from the budget, forcing shortened weeks and other drastic cutbacks throughout the system. Unfortunately, a Google search turns up no advocacy pages, no information about what you can do to help, no information about how to find out what is happening at your local library, etc. So — go to your local branch library and ask! Otherwise, on or around March 16th, write a letter to your local Newspaper. Oh, and you can also help by donating money to the library, although they don’t have anything as simple as a PayPal or Amazon donate link — really, you’d think if anyone would figure out how to use the internet it would be librarians…

UPDATE: Some information is finally available online, with the promise of more to come.