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I would like to retract an earlier post. I suggested that the Democrats try to use states rights” to re-frame the issue of same sex marriage. But in last night’s debate, Al Sharpton set me straight:

I think is not an issue any more of just marriage. This is an issue of human rights. And I think it is dangerous to give states the right to deal with human rights questions.

So true. Sometimes it can seem politically expedient to trap the Republican’s in their own rhetoric; but, in the end, it is essential to rise above the fray. On this issue, by framing it as a human rights issue, Sharpton did just that.

What rights are associated with gay marriage? See this list. (via Atrios.)

NOTE: I don’t think the transcript here is complete. If anyone has the full quote of what Sharpton said, please let me know.

UPDATE: Here are some of the other lines I remembered:

  1. Let’s make a constitutional amendment against presidents that lie.” And 2) The issue in 2004 is not if gays marry. The issue is not who you go to bed with. The issue is whether either of you [has] a job when you get up in the morning.”