Gender, Law

Mike at Ishbadiddle points out an interesting legal quandary:

So amidst all the Gay Marriage backing-and-forthing, one thing I haven’t seen addressed is this: if the Constitution (as amended) will define marriage as between a man and a woman,” then how will we define man” and woman”?

… Apparently, the answer differs from state to state. If you’re transgendered (TG), and you live in Texas (TX), for instance, you are what you’re born with. Born a boy, always a boy. Of course, this puts Texas in the curious position of legalizing same-sex” marriage, according to this article that Ennis sent me, if one partner is, say, a M-to-F TG, and her partner is a born-XX female. In California, however, the TG would be considered a woman — and therefore unable to marry her partner, unless in San Fransisco. Got that?

Some other good links at the bottom of his post.