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Although I’ve had my disagreements with Kevin Drum (the biggest, of course, being that he has never linked to my blog!), there is no doubt that he is one of the best bloggers out there. He writes clearly, thinks clearly, covers issues of pressing national importance, and seems like an all-around good guy. I do wish he would take issues of wealth inequality more seriously, but he can’t help being a Liberal with a capital L.” In fact, I often think his centrist position is a bit of a ruse, allowing him to say things that would sound shrill” if coming from a hard core leftist like myself. If there were more liberal’s like Kevin the world would be a better place, so I’m very happy to hear that he’s gotten a job blogging for the excellent Washington Monthly. Blogging on his spare time Kevin has managed to do extensive reporting, including interviews with Paul Krugman, and lots of research into the Bush AWOL scandal, so I imagine that with some institutional support we can expect even more first rate blogging! Now if someone would just pay Jeanne D’Arc a fraction of what she deserves!