Several weeks ago, Tom Cole, a Republican Congressman in Oklahoma spoke to supporters about the upcoming election. If George Bush loses the election, Osama bin Laden wins the election,” he told them. Later, he said that a vote against Bush was like a vote for Adolf Hitler.

These hateful and outrageous remarks –- which neither the RNC nor the Bush/Cheney campaign will repudiate — are representative of the negative campaign being rolled out against John Kerry. Bush is now airing the first negative ads of the season, which according to nonpartisan monitors seriously misled viewers about Kerry’s record.

In response, Senator Kerry is taking the high road. He’s asked President Bush to engage in a series of monthly debates on the country’s future — debates on the real substance of the issues that face us. It’s a simple proposal that could elevate the campaign and truly educate the country about the positions and records of each candidate. But President Bush’s campaign brushed off the suggestion with a snide remark.

Today, MoveOn members and I are asking President Bush to stand up and face a real debate. You can join our petition asking President Bush to debate Kerry on the future of our country at:

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