Now, here is the kind of woman a right-to-lifer would love. An

unidentified 40-year-old, lived in a rural area of Mexico without electricity or running water, and eight hours from the nearest hospital.

Who had previously lost a baby due to labour complications”, is having problems giving birth. So what does she do?

She took three small glasses of hard liquor and, using a kitchen knife, sliced her abdomen in three attempts and delivered a male infant that breathed immediately and cried.

Fortunately, she had enough time before loosing consciousness to tell one of her other children to call a local nurse, who arrived in time to stitch her up before she bled to death. Both she and the child survived.

But you have to feel sorry for the kid. His whole life his mother is going to hold that over him:

I cut myself open with a kitchen knife, and you can’t even be bothered to take out the trash?