I just learned a new word:

Coprophagia is the technical term for eating feces. This has been studied in dogs by several people with no definitive answer for why” being found.

Here is the context:

Panic set in not among the students—a large number of whom must have come of age watching There’s Something About Mary— but among the core of instructors who lead the seminars and conduct the tutorials. Though sophisticated and highly trained, when they were faced with the prospect of discussing the history of masturbation with the students, many of them blanched. Coprophagia wouldn’t have fazed them at all, sodomy wouldn’t have slowed them down, incest would have actively interested them—but masturbation: please, anything but that.

And here is a fascinating web site devoted to human excrement, including this interview with the makers of ShitBegone Brand Toilet Paper. Don’t miss their Academic Poop section. (via BoingBoing).