Bake Sale


Our initial bake sale goal was $100,000, but MoveOn members always surprise us — we not only brought in $750,000, but we gave out 40,000 flyers on John Kerry and registered thousands of voters. We estimate that over half a million people baked, bought, or sold food. One sale in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, raised more than $1000 in just a couple hours, and one in Washington had so many bakers they split into four satellite sales around the area.

You can check out a great map — with photos — of the bake sales across the country at: link.

Now they want to raise $50 million. The thing is, if only 1/4 of MoveOn’s supporters donate $100, they will meet their goal. I’m betting they’ll be as surprised as they were with the bake sale. Give now!