Politics, The Economy

If you filed electronically, you probably already got your refund check, or you will soon. The more money you made last year the more likely you are to have gotten a fairly substantial break from Bush’s tax cuts. I know your first thought upon receiving that check is to pay off outstanding bills, credit card debt, buy much needed necessities etc… but please take a moment and think. That money didn’t come out of the US military budget, which has been increased by billions of dollars. It came at the expense of all those underfunded programs that provide a safety net for those worse off than yourself. Even more directly, it came at the expense of your future, since it is essentially a bad loan against our government’s finances. After thinking about that, perhaps you will donate some of that money to a charity (which you can write off on your taxes next year), or perhaps give that money to an organization devoted to driving Bush out of office. Even though donations to can’t be written off on your taxes, they might help you sleep a bit better at night!

And if you didn’t get any money back, but you still want to fight Bush. How about designing a T-shirt?