Info Tech

For the longest time I’ve been telling people to use Typepad instead of Blogger, because Blogger didn’t seem to get it. Well, now they do. All those features: single page posts with permalinks, comments, XML feeds, etc. have all been very nicely introduced into the new version of Blogger. I hope all the older blogs out there (atrios!) will update!

Here is a post by the web designers in charge of Blogger’s new look, talking about the creative process. (via BoingBoing)

Personally, since I install the software myself on my own server, I’m waiting to see how MovableType 3.0 turns out, but I’m thinking about possibly switching over to WordPress when version 1.2 comes out of Beta (although switching over from MT to WordPress seems like a nightmare — especially if I don’t want to break any links to existing posts…)

UPDATE: Seems that both the new Blogger and MT 3 have Unicode turned on by default! Also, I should note that the new Blogger should work with the wonderful Ecto software for the Mac or PC.