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Remember James Yee? Here is what Jeanne at Body and Soul wrote back in February:

… James Yee, the Muslim chaplain at Guantánamo who was arrested last September on suspicion that he was part of an espionage ring. Yee was kept in solitary confinement for 76 days, much of the time in chains. One of his lawyers says that he was treated worse than the prisoners he ministered to at Guantánamo. He was never formally charged with anything.

Whatever case the military thought it had quickly fell apart, and Yee was released in November. But rather than admit it made a mistake and drop the charges, the military tacked on a few new ones, unrelated to national security. Yee’s family and friends are understandably angry, seeing the new charges — adultery and downloading pornography on a government-issued computer — as attempts to discredit him rather than admit they were wrong. Some supporters have suggested that Yee was imprisoned because he was going to speak out against the conditions at Guantánamo.

Fortunately, the charges were dropped, as Jeanne reported in March. At that time Mithras, of Fables of the Reconstruction, wrote:

One more thing: someone owes this man an apology.

Well he hasn’t gotten one, and his family is quite upset. A cousin of his, who is a friend of mine, asked me to tell everyone about this online petition. Their goal is to gather 5,000. Please help out.

This is a clear case of atrocity showing how U.S. Army violated the constitutional right of a soldier and a U.S. citizen. Our forefathers knew they can’t entrust civil liberty to people in power that is why they fought so hard to create a U.S. constitution. It is up to us” people of the United States to make sure our constitution is up and alive. Our goal is to collect 5,000 signatures in the month of May — Asian Heritage Month and send it to Congress and the Army. Your participation and rally others to do the same is critical to the success of this campaign. This petition is initated by Justice for New Americans and Captain Yee Defense Committee.