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I was contemplating purchasing a laser printer from a company called Legend Micro — until I read their return policy.

Return Policy

In order to remain competitive in today’s marketplace and continue to provide exceptional service to its customers, Legend Micro is instituting a new 100% Product Satisfaction Policy effective October 1, 2003:

  1. 15 Day 100% Money Back Guaranty for retail and mail order customers.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But read the list of excluded items (emphasis added):

Absolutely no refunds on processors, memory chips, LCD monitors, notebooks, printers, fax machines and software

That seems to cover a pretty large swath of their product line. I thought there must be some mistake, so I e-mailed them. No reply. So then I called them. Michael informed me that every agreement always has two sides” — yes it does: suckers and profiteers.