Opening Weekend

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Fahrenheit 9/11,” has made over $21.8 million in three days. It took Moore’s Oscar winning Bowling for Columbine,” nine months to earn $21.5 million…

$11.75 of that was from my pocket, but I don’t have a lot to say about the film. It was a good film, but not for the issues that have been getting the most media attention (the Florida elections, Oil, Saudi Arabia, etc.). We all know that it is the least privileged among us who are asked to make the ultimate sacrifice in war, but it isn’t often that this truth is presented in such a moving and articulate way. I believe it was Time Out which called the film a blogumentary.” That’s a fair assessment, but only in the best sense of what it means to be a blogger: an eloquent, occasionally funny, and heartfelt personal take on the news. Think Body and Soul meets Whiskey Bar.

UPDATE: More at Kautilyan:

. . . we are finally seeing the other reality that so far has largely been ignored. Real civilians died in Iraq and real people wept of the loss of their loved ones. No amount of spinning can change this reality. As long as the footage is real, Moore has done us a service. He has provided a humanist perspective.