American Jews

Politics, Race

Ever since the 1993 Oslo Accord proved that negotiations were possible, surveys have consistently found that 50 to 60 percent of American Jews favor ending the occupation and dismantling settlements in return for peace.

So the question is, if so many American Jews oppose Sharon’s policies, and support Oslo, why are American politicians so afraid to speak out against Israel? The reason is that, not unlike the ability of the religious right to hijack the entire political agenda of the Republican Party, pro-Zionist American Jews have been able to establish themselves as the sole legitimate voice of the entire population.

The joke used to be two rabbis, three congregations; over the past two or three years it’s become 6 million American Jews, one official opinion.

The process by which this happened, as well as efforts underway to change the status-quo are well documented in Esther Kaplan’s recent article in The Nation, The Jewish Divide on Israel.” The short story is that the rest of us need to be as vocal as the other half. The article lists some national groups you can become involved with.