So what’s happening with the senate races? has a rundown:

In this year’s election, 19 seats currently held by Democrats and 15 seats currently held by Republicans are up for grabs. Not only do the Democrats have to defend more seats, but five popular Southern Democratic Senators are retiring. The Democrats face an uphill fight in all these states, which are Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, and South Carolina. South Dakota is also a battleground for the Senate. In contrast, the Republicans face major battles in only three states, Alaska, Colorado, and Illinois, but there might be upsets in Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, or Missouri. The rest of the states look fairly safe for the incumbent. The table below points out some of the more interesting races.

Here are his predictions:

So what’s the bottom line? Probably the Democrats will pick up Illinois but lose Georgia and South Carolina. Assuming they hold South Dakota and Nevada and the Republicans hold Missouri and Pennsylvania, the Senate will be 45 Democrats (including Jeffords) and 49 Republicans, with tossups in Alaska, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Oklahoma.

It doesn’t look good, but you can help out by donating or helping out with some of the closer senate races.