Freedom of Speech

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From, three stories on freedom of speech” (1, 2, 3):

First, a story from the ACLU, whose court filing was censored by the Justice Department. Here is the passage they redacted:

The danger to political dissent is acute where the Government attempts to act under so vague a concept as the power to protect domestic security.’ Given the difficulty of defining the domestic security interest, the danger of abuse in acting to protect that interest becomes apparent.

You can see both versions here.

Secondly, Bikesagainstbush creator Joshua Kinberg was arrested while taping an interview with MSNBCs Ron Reagan in Manhattan Saturday afternoon.”

When Kinberg showed the police sergeant how the bicycle used a non-permanent spray chalk, the sergeant seemed to agree that it wasn’t defacement, at which point Kinberg asked, am I free to go?” After conferring about it, officers decided to call superiors, then came back moments later to place Kinberg under arrest and confiscate the bicycle.

Kinberg cooperated fully with the officers as he was being handcuffed, only asking, can I ask what I’m being arrested for?” to which no one provided an answer. As of 11:00 PM Saturday evening, he was still in custody without being charged with anything.

Video of the incident is available as a torrent at DV Guide.

Finally, on a more positive front, Reverend Billy is organizing

demonstrations where smart mobs gathered in public places to recite the First Amendment. On Saturday before the largest demonstration in the city, he led the faithful in six rousing choruses of that basic right.

I’ve heard Rev. Billy preach (at an Anti-CVS protest in Woodstock, NY), and he is truly inspirational. (Funny too!)