The Great Firewall of China

Info Tech, Law

while Google is accessible to Chinese users, not all of its functions are available; because of China’s content filtering technologies, users of Google within China experience a much different Google than those outside. As our tests below indicate, China blocks access to the Google cache and to searches that contain certain keywords

Here is a breakdown of what the Chinese filter:

About 15% of the words are sex related, the rest are all related to politics. About 20% of the words are Falungong related, including 师父”(master) and 弟子 (disciple); about 15% are names of current officials and their relatives; about 10% are words used in the liberal political discourse such as democracy”, freedom”, and dictatorship”; and about 5% are related to certain nationalistic issues, such as“保钓”(defend Diaoyu Island),“中俄边界” (Sino-Russian Border) ,“卖国”(selling out the country) etc. About 15% of the forbidden words are related to anti-corruption, such as ,“走私”(smuggling) ,“公款”(public funds) etc. Other censored words include names of dissidents, writers, and intellectuals, and names of certain foreign publications.

A footnote to the report says: Google cache filtering is not new and knowledge on how to circumvent it has been available to Chinese users since 2003.”

What strikes me about the list is how few English words are listed, and none in other languages besides English and Chinese.

(via Alterslash)