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Two excellent graphics I’ve recently come across which link size to frequency of word use (click on images for the original pages).

The first is from the innovative online photo service Flickr, which allows users to associate tags” or keywords with each image (or even with parts of an image). They have links to public images listed by their tags where the size of each link indicates the popularity of that tag:


The second graphic is from the New York Times and shows the number of times, per 20,000 spoken words (the equivalent of a day’s worth of speeches) that certain keywords were spoken at both the Democratic and Republican conventions:


It would be great if Google would offer similar representations of each word in a multi-word search!

(The second graphic is via this post at Elementropy.)

UPDATE: Wordcount is an interactive presentation of the 86,800 most frequently used English words. And QueryCount tracks the way we use WordCount.

UPDATE: See my tags scaled.