10 Weeks

Culture, Politics

MoveOn is doing a series of ads, each one by a famous director, for the 10 weeks counting down to the election. The ads are decent and effective, but my favorite is a second series of spots they are doing featuring Jimmy the Cab Driver:

Actor Donal Logue reprises a role he has played in MTV promos, as a maniacal New York City hack. Jimmy regales his passengers with his political opinions. In one, he talks about how he doesn’t earn enough to take much advantage of tax cuts signed into law by Bush. But I appreciate the gesture,” Jimmy says of the cuts.

Make sure to see this weeks episode in which Jimmy explains how Bush was using his noodle.”

Note: Only MoveOn members can see the archives which show more than the current two weeks worth of spots. Signing up is free, and you will learn what other activities MoveOn is organizing in these crucial weeks leading up to the election.