via chaotic intransient prose bursts, a Japanese campaign to promote correct smoking behavior” (as opposed to trying to get people to quit smoking):


Now that smoking is banned everywhere indoors in NY City, I almost feel sorry for smokers. It has gotten to the point where I need to go inside for fresh air. I’m continually assaulted by second-hand smoke and burning cigarettes when I walk around Manhattan, and I wish they had a campaign like this; but somehow I don’t think New Yorker’s would appreciate being lectured to on manners.

As Louis Black said: Hi, welcome to New York — now get out of my f@#*n way!”

While I’m at it, just as bad as smoking (maybe even worse) are people who simply don’t seem to know how to walk. They stop suddenly without getting out of the way first. They slowly veer from one side of the sidewalk to the other without looking. Or three people figure out how to block an entire sidewalk by walking side-by-side very slowly while talking.

Don’t get me started on umbrellas…