As a new DVD, Faith in the White House,” portrays Bush as God’s essential and irreplaceable warrior on Earth,” it is worth asking the question: Why doesn’t Bush go to church? In a recent NRO article, Amy Sullivan asks just that:

The very fact that the president doesn’t attend church, some leading conservatives insist, is proof of what a good Christian he is. Unlike certain past presidents they could name but won’t–ahem, cough, Bill Clinton–Bush doesn’t feel the need to prove his religiosity.

…Or it could be that Bush’s faith, while sincere, is not terribly deep. Aikman, who had significant access to Bush confidantes while writing his book, has said that he could not get from anybody a sort of credo of what [Bush] believes.”

However, the folks at MAD magazine were able to succeed where Aikman failed, clearly articulating the differences between Bush and his favorite savior.