Hate Crimes

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Boy is David Neiwert mad!

I guess I must be horribly out of touch with the Republican version of reality, because I’m still not really certain what the hell impropriety John Kerry was supposed to have committed by pointing out in last week’s debate that Mary Cheney is gay. It was, by nearly any plain reading of his remarks, a fairly innocuous comment.

But the ensuing fake controversy is the GOPs 2004 campaign in nutshell: Don’t let’s talk about Bush’s dismal record. Let’s talk well-spun trivia — or flat-out smears — instead.

And when it comes to sensitive treatment of gays and families of gays, no one can match the record of Republicans — for wallowing so deep in the gutter of bigotry that they definitively make life quantifiably worse for gays, lesbians, and their families.

Take, for instance, the matter of hate crimes.

Read the whole thing! Learn how Republicans have scuttled hate crimes legislation that would protect lesbians and gays from real violence.