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A number of international hotel chains, including the Hyatt, Hilton, and Holiday Inn groups, have radically escalated a bargaining impasse in San Francisco by locking out 4,000 unionized hotel workers. Most of the locked out workers are relatively low wage people of color, and the lock out is imposing severe financial stress. The hotels are taking a very hard line, refusing mediation by the mayor and refusing to even appear before the county board of supervisors. The mayor is so concerned that he has announced he is going to start picketing the hotels himself! The primary issues in the impasse are health care benefits, wages, and the length of a contract.

In recent decades, many of the hotels locking out their workers have become part of international chains, so that decisions about working conditions in San Francisco are now made by CEOs in far off distant cities. The chains are able to use the continuing revenues of their other hotels to offset any losses in San Francisco, while the low wage workers being locked out have no where to turn.

Locking out workers is a cowardly way to resolve differences. The hotel CEOs should immediately cease their lockout and resolve their differences at the bargaining table.

Call on the San Francisco Multi-Employer Group, the group of 14 hotels currently running the lockout, to end their lock out and agree to the proposed 90-day cooling off period so they can get back to bargaining in good faith with their employees:

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