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Mark Liberman on Marshall Mather:

If Mosh helps energize voting among American youth, it’ll be a triumph. But I’m still a little uneasy about all those black hoodies.

Yeah, me too. I didn’t care much for the song (not much more than a beat), but the video is very slickly produced. Voter turnout is the #1 issue in this year’s election, and the most important factor in securing a Kerry win. Fortunately, things are looking up. Ruy Teixeira quotes Curtis Gans, who is optimistic:

There is reason to believe that this year’s increased registration, coupled with heightened voter interest and intense feelings generated by the 2004 election campaign, will produce substantially higher turnout this year.

Also see why Ruy likes over for tracking the latest polls. This is a bit over my head, but I have nothing but respect for Ruy Teixeira, so I’ll take his word (even if NowChannel doesn’t have a pretty map).