University Web Sites

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If you are an academic department conducting a faculty search:

Please either include all the necessary information in the job announcement itself, or, if you are going to provide a URL, please provide the full path to the job announcement on your web site and not just a link to your university.

I’ve spent most of my day hunting down human resources” departments on university web sites. I consider myself to have superior skills at finding information online (for instance, I know how to use Google to conduct site specific searches rather than depending on lousy university search engines), so if I can’t find your job listing online you are unlikely to get too many people applying for you job! Hopefully this will work to my advantage, but I could have done without the aggravation!

Why are University web sites almost universally poorly designed? I think it is because they contract it out rather than trying to build sophisticated open source content management systems which would allow faculty and personnel to easily update their own content. It is especially disturbing that so many university web sites are not standards compliant, I foresee some class action lawsuits by disabled students…