Some interesting posts on the situation in the Ukraine:

UPDATE: Live web-cam of the protest in Kiev.

And Timothy Garton Ash has some interesting things to say about the training of the opposition by Serbs:

The student activists of Pora received personal tutorials in non-violent resistance from Serbian students of the Otpor (“resistance”) group who were in the vanguard of toppling Milosevic. Those same Serbs also helped the Georgian vanguard movement Kmara (“enough is enough”). On Tuesday, a Georgian flag was seen waving on Independence Square in Kiev. In Tbilisi, the rose-revolutionary Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili interrupted his first anniversary address to speak a few words of encouragement, in Ukrainian, to his sisters and brothers” in Kiev. Now the Ukrainian opposition has asked Lech Walesa, once the leader of Solidarity, that Polish mother of all east European peaceful revolutions, to come to Kiev and mediate.

(Both via A Fistful of Euros, which remains the best place for the latest updates on the situation.)