Remember how, when Gore chose Liberman as his running mate, everyone spoke about what a moral” man Liberman is?

Gore’s reason for choosing Lieberman was to acquire honor by association” with a man known for his moral backbone. But Gore’s motives were a lot more profound than that. With Lieberman at his side, Gore will have the opportunity to elevate the level of discourse among Americans about ethics and morality.

Well, here is an example of just how moral Liberman is:

Sen. Lieberman, however, went above and beyond Gonzales to offer support for the U.S. policy of deny rights to Guantanamo Bay detainees. He called the decision progressive” and remarkably just,” …

Here is what the Red Cross had to say about Guantanamo:

Cross investigators had found a system devised to break the will of prisoners through humiliating acts, solitary confinement, temperature extremes, use of forced positions.”

The construction of such a system, whose stated purpose is the production of intelligence, cannot be considered other than an intentional system of cruel, unusual and degrading treatment and a form of torture,” the Times quoted the report as saying.

So, maybe you can see why Liberman deserves a kiss for his moral courage?


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