Bankruptcy Bill Update

Politics, The Economy

As the bankruptcy bill passes in the Senate, with a vote of 74-25 (Hillary Clinton abstaining because of her husband’s surgery). But the fight isn’t over yet. First of all, it goes to the House next month, before going to the president. Secondly, opposition is growing.

I think everyone was so distracted with Social Security, that they didn’t even see this one coming. Which may have been the point of the attack on Social Security in the first place. But as people become more aware of the implications of this bill (see here), they are beginning to wake up. There is a new blogosphere-wide effort against the bankruptcy bill which is growing fast. Stay up to date with and the TPM Bankruptcy Bill Blog.

One question I have is, where was MoveOn, the Campaign for America’s Future, and other liberal action groups on this bill? Why didn’t they act sooner? Or did I just miss those e-mails?

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