Online Message Bulletin Board

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I wasn’t surprised that the recent AAA member survey regarding the use of various forms of electronic messaging didn’t mention wikis, but I thought that it was strange that they didn’t mention blogs. Unless Online Message Bulletin Board” is a code word for blog?

Online Message Bulletin Board: a general term for any online bulletin board” where you can leave and expect to see responses to messages you have left. Or you can just search through and read the board.

Seems possible… but why not call it a blog? If the newspapers and broadcast media use the word, can’t the AAA?

Even more disturbing was a series of seven questions regarding access to online documents. In typical survey fashion there was no way to simply state that nothing should be restricted. Instead, I was required to check a list of 9 categories of people I would wish to have access for each of the seven questions. These categories included: the general public, section members, AAA members, meeting registrants, media, colleagues in other disciplines, international colleagues, policymakers, and students. I had to be careful not to check no access” in each item. A more general question about my attitude towards sharing information was on the next page — after all that clicking…

Did I mention how crappy the forum software being used for the Anthro Commons is? I wish they had just used PHPBB which is free and open source.

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