MoveOn Moves

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I suppose late is better than never, but MoveOn has finally decided to get onboard with the fight against the bankruptcy bill — the day before the House votes on the topic. Although they are coming in at a late stage, I think it is important to support MoveOn’s pledge drive which has already raised almost as much money as DeLay received from the credit card companies. The money will be used to finance radio ads against those who vote for the bankruptcy bill” as well as other things — those who contribute can vote on how the money should be spent.

Liz Pulliam Weston had an excellent opinion piece on NPR about alternatives to the current legislation that could do more to reduce bankruptcy filings in the United States. I’ll attempt to paraphrase her main points:

UPDATE: Another suggestion for how to reform the bankruptcy system is to make debtors work as extras in a Dickens Theme Park.

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