Paris Hilton

Culture, The Economy

I’m sick and tired of all these attacks on Paris Hilton! She is not simply some rich heiress who can be used as a convenient excuse not to repeal the estate tax. She is a media personality! Moreover, the central argument: that repealing the estate tax will cost the U.S. economy $1 trillion per decade

So a few thousand indolent kids like Paris Hilton get to pay for their Roman bacchanalias tax free while a couple hundred million ordinary working folks get the shaft.

is just wrong. Paris Hilton actively contributes to the economy! The phrase Paris Hilton generates over nine million google hits. And while it is possible to download naked pictures of Paris Hilton for free, a large number of those sites are profit generating. This isn’t counting all the ad revenues she generates for cable channels like E!. Not to mention what she’s done for the fashion industry. Those ordinary working folks” Kevin Drum talks about wouldn’t have jobs if it weren’t for indolent heiresses like Paris Hilton!

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