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First there was Pimp My Firefox (explanation here), now there is I’ve just gotten Firefox working the way I like, with all my favorite extensions. I especially love scrapbook, which has, more than anything since tabbed browsing, changed the way I surf the web. (Link to NY Times article.) But Safari 1.3 is supposedly faster than Firefox 1.0.3 (Safari 1.3 has the same rendering engine as Safari 2.0, if not some of the new Tiger-only features, like RSS feed support), and these Safari plugins seem to offer all the same features I now have integrated into Firefox. Once they are all upgraded to work with the new release of Safari I just might have to give Safari a second try.

Up until very recently my favorite browser was OmniWeb, but it has not aged well. (e.g. it slows down to a crawl after a while — a bug that hasn’t been fixed in a long time.) My sense is that they can’t compete with so many free browsers, and they’ve directed their attention to other applications. I just wish Firefox and Safari would consider having a scrollable tab bar with image previews. I really miss that when I’m not using OmniWeb.

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